The La Bella Story

LaBella About Us

The groundwork for La Bella Vineyards & Winery was laid in the spring of 1997. The former winery, New Oak Vineyards, began trellising grapevines and developing a piece of land that at the time had no significant meaning nor ties to grapes or wine. They only had a vision to provide ‘Missourians a treat by creating a destination that had the same unique feel of wineries you’d visit in their ancestral homeland: Italy.

But by 2010 the owners of New Oak Vineyards decided to divest the land that lay home to a beautiful vineyard & winery. This led to the Soendker family, unbeknownst at that time, to begin a dream they didn’t know they even had. Ryan, the older brother, was a successful lawn and landscape entrepreneur. Cory, the younger brother, just over a semester’s away from graduating from the University of Missouri and was yearning to start something new with his brother. Cindy, the mother, seeing an opportunity for her boys was all in with the vineyard & winery.

In November 2010, while studying in class, Cindy called Cory to inform him that he happened to be amongst the newest owner(s) of a Missouri vineyard & winery. The Soendkers were ecstatic as well as frightened. Even though they knew relatively little about the nurturing of the grapes and the production of wine they knew one thing- they loved quality wines. This created a strong desire to produce a wide variety of wines of only the utmost quality.

To do this our vintner, Ryan, has learned to on a daily basis tend to the grape vines during the coldest and hottest 10 months of the year to ensure grape quality. Missouri grape growers are presented with special challenges due to wide swings in temperate and rainfall. But that doesn’t stop the Soendker’s from growing some of the most recognized Missouri varietals: Vidal, Vignoles, Seyval, Traminette, Chambourcin, St. Vincent, and Norton.

Upon harvest, the grapes are moved to La Bella’s on-site processing facility to begin the transformation of grapes to wine. Winemaker Cory then begins the meticulous process of deciding, based upon that years growing season, what grapes will be best suited for the different styles of wine. La Bella produces dry to sweet red and white wines as well as fruit and dessert style wines.


La Bella’s Humble Beginning


It was in the spring of 1997 that a small and humble vineyard named, New Oak Vineyard, started developing a small piece of land. In this small expanse, they began trellising grapevines. At the time, they did so with no significant meanings nor ties to grapes and making wine. They built the place with a vision in mind “to create a dream European countryside destination.” It will give ‘Missourians’ the unique feel and experience of going to a winery. They also wanted to create a destination that will remind not just the visitors but the owners a feeling of their ancestral homeland: Italy.

And this is where the groundwork for La Bella Vineyards & Winery was laid.


The La Bella Vineyard and Winery Transition


In November 2010, Cory Soendker received a call from his mom, Cindy. She let him know that they are now proud upcoming owners of a vineyard & winery in Wellington, Missouri. Though still frightened at the idea of owning a vineyard, they were pretty excited. They knew nothing about nurturing grapevines and the production of wine. But, they knew one thing: they love quality wines. This love for wines gave birth to a strong desire to produce a wide variety of wines with the utmost quality.

To ensure the prime quality of the grapes despite the challenges of a Missouri weather, the vintner, Ryan, has mastered the art of tending to the vines. During the coldest and hottest ten months throughout the year, Missouri grape growers are faced with wide swings in temperature and rainfall. But it’s a challenge that made La Bella one of the most recognized producers or Missouri grape Varietals. These varietals include:

  • Vidal
  • Vignoles
  • Seyval
  • Traminette
  • Chambourcin
  • St. Vincent
  • Norton


Italian Country Winery in Missouri


Now, La Bella Vineyards and Winery is a renowned wine country tour spot in the country. They don’t just produce grape wines. But, they are also well-known for their home mixes of premium fruit wines that you can’t get anywhere else. They are among the top 

Once you step in La Bella, it brings you to an entirely different and rustic missouri wine country. From its humble beginnings as a small vineyard, La Bella has a vineyard wine shop selling their exclusive fruit wines. They also host upcoming wine tasting events and cater to weddings and special occasions.