Tasting Room

Wine Tasting Room For Amateurs And Professionals

Wine tourism is becoming increasingly popular by the minute with the market growing at a significant rate. This uprising trend demands marketers to level up their game in the field of wine tourism. This is why a wine tasting room is essential in wine tourism. Meticulously choosing what goes into the room doesn’t just require a marketing approach. It also needs a consumer-sensitive approach. 

The most important thing to consider when setting up a tasting room is the function. Most tasting rooms vary depending on the purpose and the desired occasion. If not accomplished properly, it might ruin the experience for both amateur and professional enthusiasts. So, here are a few occasions we always consider when we set a wine tasting event.

Tasting Rooms for Social Events and Marketing

A functional tasting room doesn’t only revolve around the room itself. Here are important notes for a tasting room specially made for social events:

  • Expectations must meet reality. Everything you see on our website is what La Bella is all about. No fluff but absolute rustic serenity. The tasting room shown online is, in fact, better in reality.
  • Consumers who attend wine tasting events always look forward to the ambiance. For that reason, we maximize the use of all our beautiful settings.
  • Social events are commonly designed for a pleasurable experience, and we make sure that we provide all of your needs, especially with regard to wine-inspired events.

Tasting Room For a Sensory Experience

Many amateurs and professional wine tasters look forward to a sensory wine experience rather than its social context. Here are key points for an immersive tasting room that you will experience at La Bella:

  •  A quiet space

             Wine evaluation requires a certain level of concentration that can only be obtained in tranquil surroundings.

  • Limiting all sensory stimulations

             This is needed to ensure that there are no distractions. It means no music, no flashy posters or backgrounds, no perfume or fragrance of  any kind aside from wine.

Limiting tasters’ interaction

Sharing opinions to fellow tasters is commonly seen in our tasting room. However, mutual suggestion during the session is not recommended, especially from an experienced taster. Such viewpoints may influence the guest’s perception of the wine currently evaluated.

That’s why we recommend and offer a unique sharing after the wine evaluation. You will get to know that when you join our wine tasting events or visit us here at La Bella.