Kansas City Vineyard Wedding

Why You Should Go For A Vineyard Wedding

Getting married in the perfect setting is every woman’s dream. The venue is always an important element in a wedding because your vows will forever be associated with that special place. Nowadays, wedding venues have extended from churches into varying venues with rising popularity, especially vineyards. Kansas City is especially known for its scenic and award-winning vineyards perfect for the long-awaited day. Look below for the many characteristics of a Kansas vineyard wedding.

A Dedicated Setting

When a wedding is held, mishaps are unavoidable. This is true for all weddings, big or small. A key solution to the inevitable problem is to have a wedding planner for damage control and open space for several visitors. In La Bella, we offer both stunning venue and an amazing staff that can offer assistance to you and your wedding planner. Plus, our venue offers exclusivity and flexibility when demanded.

An Unforgettable Place

Saying I do is one of the biggest moments we will ever have in our lives. Likewise, picking the special place where we’ll finally commit ourselves is a daunting task. Finding a memorable place is never easy, but vineyards out there offer this luxury at a lower cost too.

Stroll around a rustic landmark with or Italian-inspired backdrop. Or immerse yourself in nature’s colors in the beautiful vineyards and flowering gardens. Or, maybe, add a rustic style to your wedding in the woody outdoors.

A Generous Deal

Weddings shouldn’t just be magical, but also practical. Finances should always be considered to ensure a successful, less stressful wedding. Here in La Bella, we offer packages to help you manage your finances and stay within your Kansas vineyard wedding budget.

A Wide Variety of Locations

Optimism is a choice. Happiness is a choice. And now, your wedding venue is also a choice! Vineyards that extends to many acres can offer up a lot of locations for the different activities on your wedding day. Our vineyards are at your disposal for the maximum enjoyment of your guests.

Mix nature, grapes, and romance through a vineyard near you. We guarantee a unique wedding experience not only for the couple to enjoy but also for the guests.