Winery Events for All Types of Parties

Wine extends beyond its definition of being a beverage. It’s a hobby, a past-time, a key to a relaxing end to a tiresome day. Whether you’re a dedicated follower of wine or not, there’s no denying its exquisite taste. Winery events become a perfect accompaniment for your social gatherings. Fuse the distinct elegance of winery events, the liveliness of parties, and give yourself a memory filled with wine, music, and newly-found friends. 

3 Things to Consider in Conducting Winery Events

Conducting a winery event requires extensive planning. Although there is an array of possible themes, a wine-inspired soiree generally requires:

  • Appropriate budgeting
  • Finding the right type of wine to what theme
  • Knowledge of the audiences’ preferences

These three help you figure out which direction to go when planning and decorating. Here at La Bella, we are all hands on deck in your plans. We accompany you as you plan every detail of your party or event.

Winery-inspired Ideas for your Party

Winery Event and Entertainment

  • Vineyard Tour. Lead your visitors through a journey of vines to wine bottles in this traditional showcase of our winery. Let your visitors spend a full day to immerse themselves in the vineyard under the sun and wine under the stars. 
  • Outdoor/Indoor Movie Night. Bring “fancy” to your movie night with a bottle of fine wine. Rather than formal wine tasting events, movie nights cater to casual wine lovers.

Winery Event and Food

  • Featured Wine Night. This is suitable for big parties and receptions with a variety of personalities. Choose from our selection of the finest bottle to complement your wide banquet and label it as the “wine of the night.”
  • Dinners and Tastings. Though the most common winery event, you can diversify your wine tasting inspired by other themes and even games of your choice. Employ scoring cards and the right audience to make a productive and fun evening.
  • Dinner Speeches. It is common in celebratory events such as weddings and reception parties and what better way to start a toast than with a glass of wine.

Winery events complement the jovial atmosphere of social gatherings. The shared love for wine enables the creation and elaboration of relationships. Employ your local wineries for exquisite wine bottles or tours to pave the way for new connections.