Winery Kansas City

Things You Should Do In A Winery in Kansas City


Taking a tour in a winery is definitely an unforgettable experience. Seeing things behind the scenes is a real treat, especially for wine lovers. Aside from sightseeing, wineries offer a wide range of friendly activities on their tour. Here is a good way to spend your afternoon in a winery Kansas City has nearby.


Visit the Vineyard


The vineyard is where the magic starts. You would be surprised by the number of vines a winery is actually growing! This is also where you will know the careful cultivation process that is used to grow the vines.


Visit La Bella Winery Kansas City


The winery is where all the magic happens. From winemaking, breeding, aging, to bottling techniques, everything is found in the winery. There are also different rooms to explore that are essential in winemaking.


Wine tasting


Wine tasting is one of the most popular events in the winery. Most wineries have an open wine bar for wine tasting with the assistance of a professional sommelier. Some wineries charge a minimum rate for the tasting while others are free when you purchase their wine.


Make Your Own Wine


Creating your wine is both a challenge and a pleasure. Some winery tours offer a guided activity for do-it-yourself wine. They will let you choose a wine of your preference and supply all the ingredients you need. After four to eight weeks, you can take your customized wine home after the previous bottling session.


Grape harvest


Harvesting grapes is one of the most spectacular experiences in a winery. You can either be an observer or a member of the harvesting team. Most wineries offer a good deal in their tours which usually includes grape harvest. Although harvesting can be fun, it is not a permanent activity. There are only chosen months for harvest, so the opportunity to harvest grapes rarely comes by. The harvest will surely be a memorable experience in your winery adventure.

Dining With Live Music


After an afternoon of fun activities one of the best things to do is to relax and enjoy your wine with good music. Some wineries offer a dining experience with live music. They are normally available for a few hours in the evening. Eating delicious food, having excellent wine, and enjoying live music is one of the best ways to end your evening at the winery.