Winery Private Parties

How to Host Winery Private Parties

Wine, as a popular beverage, gave birth to a massive dedicated following. Many wine-lovers showcase their affections by gathering to a winery party. 

Winery private parties are venues for mutual wine appreciation and wine knowledge. These events function as bridges for new and deeper connections with your guests. Yet, hosting it presents endless challenges and worries. Being an art in its own right, here are some principles in hosting a successful winery private party.


Benefits of Celebrating a Wine Party Privately 

  • Winery private parties have a limited and specific guest list, frequently having similar tastes or preferences.
  • It provides less hassle and requires fewer expenses but ends with maximum enjoyment. 
  • It ensures efficient communication between the guests and yourself.


Things to Know about Winery Private Parties 

  1. Winery private parties should be small because: 
  • It allows an in-depth wine tasting. 
  • It gives a calming backdrop for more in-depth discussions. 
  • It deters guests from crowded spaces. 
  1. A private wine party is different from a wine tasting party in that it offers a variety of activities. It is also less formal and focuses more on the fun of a party.
  2. It allows guests to indulge in exquisite wines and to distinguish them carefully. Plus, we also offer home blend fruit wines that you won’t get elsewhere.
  3. Winery private parties reach its targeted audience more concisely because: 
  • It classifies. 
  • It coheres.
  • It clarifies.


6 Steps in Planning for a Winery Private Party 

  1. Single out your preferred winery. It will never happen without the wine and the winery itself. Here at La Bella, you get the most favorable locations and stock of wine that suits your theme and guests. 
  2. Choose your attendees/guests wisely. Because you can send invitations to your guest privately, you can easily assess them considering their knowledge and how they approach wines. More specifically, choose guests with the same level of wine expertise.
  3. Pick a Suitable Theme. Pick out what kind of party you’d like to celebrate, and we can decorate with you.
  4. Prepare Compatible Foods. Wine becomes even better when the food suits them well. La Bella has a restaurant where you can indulge in Italian inspired dishes. Perfect for any wine-inspired event.
  5. Plan the Wine Transitions. Organize the order of wines. Do not start from the most intricate samples to prevent comparison. 
  6. Promote an “Enjoyable Self.” Host the party while enjoying it. Maintain a mood that can get along with guests.


Start to elaborate your wine party with impeccable management. With La Bella, you can learn to host private winery parties now and stand out for your hosting skills.