Winery Wedding Venue

Why Winery Wedding Venues Are The Best

Preparing for a wedding can be many things at once. It can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and stressful, but for sure, weddings should always be memorable and magical. Weddings have evolved since then. From church weddings to underwater weddings, everything is done to make the day special. This is the reason why it is best to choose your venue properly and here is a list of why winery wedding venues are the best among everything else.

Winery wedding venues are an Exclusive Place

Nowadays, there is a wide range of options for choosing your venue. It could be a church, a garden, or a resort. These are the most common wedding venues worldwide. These venues are so frequent that their popularity exceeds weddings, reaching events like birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and many more. You might find yourself cramped with time when booking for a spot and find it stressful.

Wineries, like La Bella, are always careful with the events they cater because of their winemaking facilities. We always see to it that their events won’t ruin our facility. As they would say, we were winemakers first before anything else. This ensures that the place will be further away from the bustling crowds. Exclusivity is a guarantee when it comes to a winery wedding.

Vineyards Offer a Romantic Scenery

A winery could be selling mediocre wine, but its scenery always stays at its best. Most of the time, people love going wineries not just for our wines but for the romantic atmosphere that it offers. These natural landscapes, paired up with different designs, will enable you to choose a wide variety of wedding themes. 

Wedding themes can range from a rustic style to elegant minimalism. Wineries can also provide multiple backdrops that are perfect for your wedding photoshoot without a full-blown (and expensive) setup.

A Memorable Place

Breathtaking scenery is one thing, but La Bella is more than that. We offer a different and unique wedding experience. We offer a live band along with a stunning background of the vineyards. Plus, we throw in wine tasting events whenever preferred with a selection of our unique fruit wines. We are also open to professional photography done in our winery and vineyard for a rustic elegance to your wedding. In La Bella, you can even have your guests lodge in our Italian inspired suites. If you’re looking for a unique and memorable wedding venue, La Bella is the winery for you.

Winery weddings have been around for a long time. The industry has thrived and has become larger, making weddings enchanting for over 20 years. This why La Bella is among the most adored wineries in Missouri, why don’t you call us or drop by and take a look.